Movie Night


EN: We are finally on the finish line on our way to warm weather! As always I had a serious problem with surviving Winter, but the sun gives me tons of energy. My friend and I decided that this month we should change our lives for better - by that I mean having less depressing thoughts and anxiety and more fun. 


We started off by going to the gym on a regular basis and visiting at least one interesting place once a week. Most of them were coffe shops, cute cafes and restaurants, but we wanted to broaden that list. So our next stop was cinema. Among all of the movie theaters in the city our favourite one is a"8 1/2". It's lovely, authentic and they play films in the original language. What else to need? 


This time we watched "Kong: Skull Island" and unfortunately were not impressed by it. I mean, the movie was okay, but there were some ehhh moments. However, our next must-see is "The Beauty and the Beast" and I really hope I'll love that one. 

...aaand just a little update! I have a few exciting plans for this Spring. It's mostly traveling and blog/Instagram stuff, but I really hope it'll make my life a bit brighter. 


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